The Meredydd Evans Memorial Prize (Gwobr Merêd) is awarded by the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol each year.

The award recognises an existing Coleg student's contribution to Welsh culture and life, within the wider university. Academic achievement is not the main focus of this award, but rather those other extra-curricular aspects which are fundamental to student life here at the Coleg.

Dr Meredydd Evans was a staunch advocate of the Coleg and President of Cyfeillion y Coleg (Friends of the Coleg). In 2012 he was given an Honorary Fellowship at the Coleg's inaugural Annual Meeting in Swansea.

The Coleg is indebted to Merêd's family for their support of this award, and is also grateful for the generous donation given by one of his acquaintances which has allowed the Coleg to establish Gwobr Merêd.

The winner of Gwobr Merêd 2015 was Trystan ap Owen, who received the award at the Montgomeryshire and the Marches National Eisteddfod in August 2015.

The winner of Gwobr Merêd 2016 was Dan Rowbotham, who received the award at the Monmouthshire and District National Eisteddfod in August 2016.

The winner of Gwobr Mered 2017 was Lauren Evans, who received the award at the Anglesley National Eisteddfod in August 2017.

For further information regarding nominations and this award please refer to the Welsh side of this page.