28 September 2015

Scheme Aims to Encourage More to Study through Welsh

28 September 2015
The Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol is searching for enthusiastic students who will work as ambassadors to encourage more prospective students to study part of their degree courses through Welsh.

Following this year’s successful pilot scheme, the Coleg will expand the search and appoint ambassadors at universities across Wales for the very first time.

Their main responsibility will be to engage with prospective students and emphasise the advantages of studying through Welsh and prove how they have gained from following their degree courses partly through Welsh.

They will have to familiarize themselves with the wide range of Welsh language medium courses that are available and the scholarships offered by the Coleg Cymraeg.

It will give students an opportunity to receive some extra funding and enable them to develop presentation skills as they will have to help with various activities held by the Coleg within schools.

Additionally, they will be expected to work in events across Wales between January and December 2016 including several higher education fairs and the annual Eisteddfod.

Megan Meredith-Spurr from the University of South Wales who worked as an ambassador for the Coleg this year, would encourage others to apply for the role:

‘‘I was initially worried about studying Business through Welsh as my grammar isn’t perfect but the work is presented bilingually and the lecturers are so supportive. As an ambassador, it was great to be able to share that experience and encourage prospective students to continue with their Welsh language medium studies at university level. Being an ambassador was a worth while experience so give it a go!’’

Further information and application form can be found on the Coleg Cymraeg website. The closing date is 2 November 2015.

Scheme Aims to Encourage More to Study through Welsh