18 November 2015

Scholarships Available to Study through Welsh

18 November 2015
There is money available to those who want to study part of their degree courses through Welsh in 2016 through the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol Scholarships.

Prospective students who would benefit from gaining extra funding during their time at university can apply for the Coleg Cymraeg scholarships.

Up to £3,000 is available to students who want to study at least 66% of their course through Welsh and up to £1,500 for those who want to follow at least 33% through Welsh.

The William Salesbury Scholarship of £5,000 is also offered to someone who wants to follow a course that is available entirely through Welsh.

Hundreds of courses at universities across Wales are eligible to receive the scholarships but students must check whether a course is eligible before applying.

The best way of checking is by using the Coleg Cymraeg Course Finder which can be found on the Coleg Cymraeg website or by downloading the App.

Rhodri Mir Williams, who was born and raised in Gran Canaria, was glad that Chemistry was eligible to receive a scholarship and is now studying at Bangor University:

‘‘Receiving a scholarship from the Coleg Cymraeg will enable me to complete a work experience placement which will improve my Welsh language skills. I’m glad that I can speak Welsh but writing in Welsh was a new experience before I came to Bangor. I would encourage prospective students to take advantage of the opportunities to follow part of their degree courses through Welsh and apply for the funding that’s available through the scholarships.’’ 

Further information about the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol 2016 undergraduate scholarship scheme can be found here.

Scholarships Available to Study through Welsh