Massive Open Online Courses


Massive Open Online Course

The following Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are openly available on the Coleg's E-learning platform, Y Porth. Each course can be studied in full or users can choose to study selected areas from each course. They contain a wide range of innovative material such as video presentations, recordings and interactive tasks as well as more traditional material such as worksheets and Powerpoint presentations.

Improving Welsh Language Skills

These resources were originally developed to aid candidates of the Language Skills Certificate to prepare for their assesments. However, they are also suitable for anybody looking to improve their Welsh language skills.

The resource pack has been divided into a number of units which cover subjects such as:

  • Verbs
  • Prepositions
  • Mutations
  • Spelling
  • Common Mistakes

Social Work - Language Awareness

The aim of this module is to create a context in which social work students can empathise with service users and feel and understand why Welsh-medium services are an important consideration.

The module is based on 5 units which focus on:  

  • understanding language need
  • going under the skin of the bilingual experience
  • considering the context of the Welsh language – its current condition, its history and the impact on service users
  • exploring the relationship between language and power, the implications of the 'More than just words' strategy and active offer
  • getting ready to practice and work in accordance with 'More than just words'


Social Work
Improving Language Skills