Language Skills Certificate

What is the Language Skills Certificate?

The Certificate has been developed to allow students studying in Wales to gain a certificate that serves as evidence of their language skills and their ability to work through the medium of Welsh. Many employers have stated their support for the Certificate, including ITV Wales and the Welsh Government.

To gain the Certificate, applicants are required to make an oral presentation and sit a written test which includes three tasks. The written test will be held at universities across Wales on a date to be determined between April and May 2018, with the oral presentations taking place between December 2017 and the end of March 2018 on days determined by the universities’ Language Skills tutors.

The Certificate is open to any student studying at a university in Wales. Applying for the Certificate is a requirement for any student that receives one of Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol’s scholarships.

The Certificate was first awarded in 2013, and to date has been successfully completed by over 800 students. 230 students were awarded the certificate in 2017, with 70 of them gaining a distinction. 

The Certificate is awarded on three levels:

  • Pass
  • Merit
  • Distinction

A summary of the Certificate's Standards can be found here.

What support is available?

The Coleg organises a series of workshops and preparation sessions prior to the assessments at every university where students wish to apply for the Certificate. The aim of these sessions is to offer support to you as you prepare for the different aspects of the examination and oral assessment. For further information about the workshops and preparation sessions at individual universities, please contact your university’s language tutor.

As well as face-to-face sessions with experienced tutors, there is also a collection of on-line learning resources to help you prepare and revise for the oral task and written examination. The resources include interactive and paper activities as well as guides and video clips to help you prepare for the oral task.