Ariannell Haf Parry

University of South Wales: Media Production

Ariannell Haf Parry

University of South Wales: Media Production

Full name: Ariannell Haf Parry

Originally from: Gwalchmai, Anglesey

School/College for A Level: Coleg Menai Llangefni

University: University of South Wales

Year: 1

University course: Media Production

Why did you choose the degree subject?

I have been interested in this field for years. I took part as an extra on Rownd a Rownd many times, and I worked with the BBC crew 'It's My Shout' twice.  Watching the dedication of the Production team and the camera and sound crews helped me to decide that I wanted to forge a career in this industry. After completing a BTEC course in the subject it was a natural step for me to study it further at degree level.

Why did you choose to study through the medium of Welsh?

Being bilingual is bound to be hugely advantageous when looking for work in Wales and being able to show prospective employers that I have studied some modules in Welsh is bound to increase my chances of securing a job. As Welsh is my first language, I am far more comfortable studying the subject. The profile and status of the language will rise as more courses are offered through the medium of Welsh at our universities.

What is the best things about studying a course partly through the medium of Welsh?

The classes are smaller, so as a group we are good friends. It's also easy to discuss and talk to the lecturers. As the majority of lecturers work in the industry, we receive guidance and information on the latest goings on.

Any advice for prospective students who are worried about studying through the medium of Welsh?

I was worried that there wouldn't be enough resources and research work on the subject. But there’s plenty! The lecturers are very supportive in terms of preparing and helping, and of course the online resources offered by the Coleg Cymraeg are excellent, and continue to grow.

Would you encourage others to apply for a Coleg Cymraeg scholarship and why?

Definitely, receiving a scholarship is an honour and a responsibility, and it opens doors to other opportunities. There is also an opportunity to receive a Welsh Language Skills Certificate. Everything strengthens the C.V. Even though I have dyslexia, I have succeeded in reaching University and gaining a scholarship so you must take a chance and try every way to improve. Go for it, it's too good an opportunity to miss!

Why did you apply to be an ambassador and what are you most looking forward to?

I realise that the Coleg Cymraeg is continuing to develop and having the opportunity to convey what it represents to the young people of Wales is exciting and a big responsibility. I look forward to learning new skills, travelling and meeting new people.

What do you enjoy most about being at university?

I love being educated in my first language, being able to socialise in Welsh e.g. joining the Welsh Society and Aelwyd y Waun Ddyfal.

Leisure interests?

Going to the gym, climbing, walking, photography, biking, going to the Eisteddfod, Young Farmers Club, going to the theatre, going on social media.

Favourite things?

Being in the company of family and friends, Sunday lunch, going to the seaside, shopping for clothes, and of course the Royal Welsh.

Least favourite things?

Birds, mathematics, rounding up sheep in the rain.

Favourite Welsh language programme / film?

Rownd a rownd, Pobol y Cwm and of course C'mon Midffîld!

Any other interesting information about you?

I sat GCSE Mathematics several times before I passed! For the first three weeks in Cardiff my best friend was google maps. Despite this, I would like to travel the world at some point.