Brengain Fflur Jones

Swansea University: Media and Press Relations

Brengain Fflur Jones

Swansea University: Media and Press Relations

Full name: Brengain Fflur Jones

Originally from: Llanfairfechan, a small village between Bangor and Conwy in North Wales

School/College for A Level: Ysgol y Creuddyn

University: Swansea University

Year: 2

University course: Media and Public Relations

Why did you choose to study the degree subject?   

At first, I wanted to pursue an acting course, but I decided to develop my skills behind the camera after enjoying work experience at Cwmni Da. Even though I wasn't completely sure which course to pursue, I went to an open day at Swansea University and the course modules were so interesting that I had to study the course.

Why did you choose to study through the medium of Welsh? 

'I have always found it easier to write and receive my education in Welsh, so studying through the medium of Welsh was something that I really wanted to do in order to do my very best to get a good degree.

What's the best thing about studying a course partly through the medium of Welsh?

As I'm more confident using Welsh, it makes coursework easier for me. There are also fewer people on the course and I feel that I receive more support with my coursework.

Any advice for prospective students who are worried about studying through the medium of Welsh? 

There's no need to worry, there is plenty of support available from university staff, but there is also help such as the free online resource Cysill.

Would you encourage others to apply for a Coleg Cymraeg scholarship and why?

Yes, because it's a big help towards my studies. It's also a great opportunity to study part of the course in Welsh.

Why did you apply to be an ambassador and what are you most looking forward to?  

I felt that it was a great opportunity that wouldn't come around again, so I was very keen to apply. I'm looking forward to speaking with prospective students in order to persuade them to study through the medium of Welsh and to apply for a scholarship.

What do you enjoy most about being at university (in Wales)?

Primarily, being in Wales. I'm close to local transport, so going home is easy and the additional support (including the scholarship) is a big help with getting used to being independent.

Leisure interests?     

I love playing netball and rugby (and watching the Welsh rugby team). I have just started playing quidditch too, which is a lot of fun.

Favourite things?

I love animals, especially dogs. I'm lucky enough to have a cocker spaniel called Marli. I'm a big fan of Harry Potter and I love watching all kinds of films (my favourite genre is comedy) and television programmes including crime dramas.

Least favourite things?

One thing I hate more than anything is people judging me before they get to know me. I might be quite a shy person to begin with, but I do get more confident the more I get to know someone:

Favourite Welsh language programme/film?

My favourite Welsh language programme was Byw Celwydd when it was on. The actors were great and it was a really interesting programme. I also love watching Jonathan when the rugby is on.

Any other interesting information about you?

I coached the year 7 netball team when I was in school. I have passed grade 8 on the piano and grade 5 on the harp. I have even played the harp in a few weddings.