Dafydd Morgan Duggan

Cardiff Metropolitan University : Sports and Physical Education Studies

Dafydd Morgan Duggan

Cardiff Metropolitan University : Sports and Physical Education Studies

Full name: Dafydd Duggan

Originally from: Llanbrynmair

School/College for A Level: Ysgol Bro Hyddgen, Machynlleth

University: Cardiff Metropolitan

Year: 1

University course: Physical Education and Sports Studies

Why did you choose to study the degree subject?

I was extremely lucky, while in the sixth form, when Cardiff Metropolitan University announced the news of their new Welsh medium sports course. The fact that the course was available in Welsh was a big part of my decision to apply in addition to the opportunity in the university to continue to follow my interest in numerous sports.

Why did you choose to study through the medium of Welsh?

I didn’t feel comfortable moving to a university and having to start studying through the medium of English. I had received my education up to university fully through the medium of Welsh and therefore I was eager to continue to do so.

What's the best thing about studying a course partly through the medium of Welsh?

There are so many advantages to studying through Welsh – it’s a natural progression for anyone who has studied A-Level through Welsh and is a natural step to anyone who speaks Welsh as a first language.  Also, on my course the class is relatively small so each person can ask a question without any trouble as we know the lecturer well. Compared with English lectures where over 200 students often attend, our lectures feel more like a class at school. This is a great opportunity to get more attention from the lecturer.

Any advice for prospective students who are worried about studying through the medium of Welsh?

There's nothing to worry about when studying in Welsh. The lecturers at the Met were very kind, and it is also an opportunity to meet other people who speak Welsh within the university.

Why did you apply to be an ambassador and what are you most looking forward to?

At university, any financial support is a boost. If you are lucky enough to receive the Main Scholarship it’s a huge boost, but to receive an Incentive Scholarship is equally valuable. I'm very grateful to the Coleg Cymraeg for providing this support.

Why did you apply to be an ambassador?

I applied to be an ambassador because I'm ready to have my say about studying in Welsh not only when visiting schools but also when talking to young people at the Eisteddfod and other events.

Leisure interests?

Chatting and playing Rugby.

Favourite things?

The Scarlets Rugby team and Mam’s homemade quiche

Least favourite things?

People who leave lights on as they leave the room.

Favourite Welsh language programme / film?

 Y Lle

Any other interesting information about you?

John Barrowman almost ran me over!