Kelsey Thompson

University of South Wales : Drama and Theatre

Kelsey Thompson

University of South Wales : Drama and Theatre

Originally from: Aberystwyth

School/College: Ysgol Gyfun Penweddig

A Level Subjects: Welsh, Drama and Religious Education


What's the best advice you can give someone who wants to go to university?

While you're going through the process of choosing which University you'd like to attend, the best advice I can give is go and see as many places as possible on open days. When the time comes to make a choice, make sure you like the place and feel comfortable there, because that's where you'll be spending your three years (or more). Obviously when choosing a degree make sure you are certain that's the course for you. Discuss with your family, friends and teachers, and if it helps, make a list of pros and cons to give you some clarity to make up your mind.

Were you worried before going to university?

Don't worry at all about making friends at university. That was one of my main concerns, and there was no need to worry at all, everyone else is in the same situation, you'll be fine. I'm sure you'll enjoy every moment at university, including the lectures. One of the advantages of studying through the medium of Welsh is that you get more attention from the lecturers as the groups are slightly smaller which means you have a closer relationship with lecturers and other students.

Why did you decide to study through the medium of Welsh?

Being educated through the medium of Welsh will open many doors for me in the future. I hope to go into performance, and I know that many more opportunities will be available to me by studying through the medium of Welsh.

Would you encourage someone to be a Coleg ambassador?

Yes, definitely, because it's a great opportunity to help other students decide which university/course is best for them. It's also a chance for you to improve your communication skills by giving presentations to young people and working at eisteddfodau and visiting the UCAS fair. It's also a fantastic opportunity to use your own experiences to help others.