Megan Meredith-Spurr

University of South Wales : Business Management

Megan Meredith-Spurr

University of South Wales : Business Management

Originally from: Merthyr Tydfil
School/College: Ysgol Gyfun Cwm Rhymni

Why did you choose to stay in Wales and study through the medium of Welsh?

I stayed in Wales as I wanted to use the Welsh language, be close to home and keep my part-time job. I chose to study through the medium of Welsh to develop my abilities and my bilingual skills and make friends in the Welsh society. Studying through the medium of Welsh is an enjoyable experience as it ensures greater support from the lecturers and I have made some close links.

What would your advice be to prospective students starting university?

Personally I settled into university straight away as I'm a social person, but I would advise new students to join teams and social groups.

Did you worry about studying in Welsh?

Before starting the course I was worried because my grammar isn't perfect, but it's easy because the work is submitted bilingually and the lecturers are very supportive.

Did you receive a Coleg scholarship?

Yes, I received the incentive scholarship. Receiving financial support is great, because student life is expensive, and it also gives employers a good impression as business is such a competitive field.

What would you tell students to encourage them to apply to be a Coleg ambassador?

I would encourage students to apply to become Coleg ambassadors. Working at the Eisteddfod was a lot of fun with a fantastic group of people. It's great being able to provide information to the public and attract more students to the Coleg Cymraeg, as it promotes the Welsh language and can change a student's life.