Welsh-medium Science Conference

Welsh-medium Science Conference

Title: Welsh-medium Science Conference

Date: 18 June 2020

Time: 09:30

Location: MedRus Conference Centre, Aberystwyth University, SY23 3BY




The Welsh-medium Science Conference is held under the auspices of the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol.

The conference aims to showcase leading scientific research by Welsh language scientists and through that, nurture a Welsh language scientific community.  The conference provides a platform to present and discuss various topics within the sciences, from fuel cells to fish and from engineering to earth science. To glimpse last year’s presentations, visit Llyfrgell y Coleg (the Coleg’s Library)



The Science Conference holds a minimum of 3 sessions and papers represent the scientific disciplines (STEM). 

We welcome submissions by postgraduate students and researchers at the beginning of their research careers, in addition to experienced academics.  Presentations will be around 20 minutes each, followed by approximately 10 minutes of questions by the audience.

Anyone wishing to present at the conference should send an abstract of 300 words or less to Ffion Hughes (ff.hughes@colegcymraeg.ac.uk) by 26 March 2020.

As per usual, presentations will be recorded and subsequently uploaded to Llyfrgell y Coleg (the Coleg’s library). If you object to this proposal, please inform us on presenting your abstract.

Contributors are encouraged to submit an article based on their presentation, to be considered for publishing in the Coleg Cymraeg’s Welsh-medium academic e-journal Gwerddon



A poster competition will be held during lunchtime. There are two categories, one for undergraduate students, and another for postgraduate students

Posters will need to be displayed on the boards provided by 9:30 Thursday morning 18 June 2020.

During the poster competition, postgraduate students are expected to stand next to their posters to discuss their work. The posters will be judges and the winners announced on the day.

A £100 prize will be awarded to the winner of each category.

If you would like to display a poster, please contact ff.hughes@colegcymraeg.ac.uk by 21 May 2020 so we have an idea of the number of display boards we require.


Poster specification

The poster should communicate a scientific concept through the medium of Welsh. We allow the submission of posters, which have already been prepared as course work.

The poster should be A1 size, portrait orientation.

The poster should include the following:

• Author’s name

• The name of the academic school and/or institution.

• Coleg Cymraeg logo


Guidelines (optional):

• Create a poster which is understandable to people that are not necessarily subject specialists.

• Title - 65-70pt Arial bold (centred) and ideally, 10 words max.

• Sub-titles - 32pt Arial bold, 5 words max

• Body - minimum 20pt Arial 

• Labels - 16pt italic (above graphs and tables, and beneath images)

• To maintain consistency, try to use graphs and images of the same dimensions where possible.

• Create a visual poster, the less text, the better.

• Do not use capital letters for the majority of the text – it is difficult to read.

• Use suitable images, which are easy to see from afar

• Label each image, so it is legible from afar.



A warm welcome is extended to all science enthusiasts, whether they be academics, students or members of the public, but please register by 4 June 2020.

You can register by e-mailing ff.hughes@colegcymraeg.ac.uk noting your name, organisation & Coleg membership number (if known).

Please let us know in advance of any dietary requirements.

There is no registration fee, but the Coleg retains the right to charge a fee for those who have registered but are not present on the day.


Contact details: Ffion Hughes, Science Development Officer, Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol ff.hughes@colegcymraeg.ac.uk 01970 622050