24 January 2019

Launch of Towards A Million Welsh Speakers – The Further Education and Apprenticeships Action Plan

24 January 2019
Today the Minister for Education, Kirsty Williams, will launch an ambitious action plan to transform Welsh-medium and bilingual opportunities in the Further Education and Apprenticeship sectors.

The plan is the result of detailed planning work, which began with a Welsh Government review chaired by Delyth Evans, and was followed by the establishment of a high-level planning group which developed the Action Plan published today.

The plan will be officially launched today at 1pm at Cardiff and Vale College, Dumballs Road, Cardiff.

Dr Ioan Matthews, Chief Executive of the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol responsible for taking forward the post-16 Welsh-medium action plan, said: "I am very pleased to see an ambitious plan for the Further Education and Apprenticeship sectors being launched. The Coleg takes pride in its role stimulating the work of the Planning Group and working with colleagues from the Further Education and Apprenticeship sectors to create an innovative plan that will ensure a significant increase in the opportunities to gain the necessary bilingual skills to succeed in the workplace.

“The work is just beginning and the Action Plan for the next phase is in place. Suitable resources will now be needed across the relevant sectors if the ambition is to be realised in the coming years.”

Education Minister Kirsty Williams  said: “In December, the First Minister and I formally agreed our priorities for Education in Wales. This ambitious post-16 action plan is an important milestone for the provision of further education and apprenticeships delivered in Welsh.

“Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol, in partnership with the Welsh Government, will take these actions forward, building on the activity that is already underway. The plan will strengthen Welsh-medium provision and help deliver our vision for the Welsh Language set out in Cymraeg 2050.”

 The Minister for International Relations and Welsh Language, Eluned Morgan said:  “Ensuring that young people can maintain and develop their Welsh language skills for use in the workplace, in education, in social situations and within the family, is an essential element of our Welsh Language Strategy Cymraeg 2050.  The Welsh-medium post-16 action plan responds to this key aim in the strategy and provides us with an opportunity to improve both Welsh-medium provision and support for learners.”

A copy of the full report can be found here:

Launch of Towards A Million Welsh Speakers –  The Further Education and Apprenticeships Action Plan