Language Competency Certificate for Teachers

Language Competency Certificate for Teachers?


The main aim of this Certificate was to acknowledge students' oral and written language skills, and to demonstrate their ability to teach through the medium of Welsh and to communicate confidently and professionally in Welsh in the context of teaching and learning.

The Certificate was developed as a result of a request from the Welsh Government in 2014 to the Higher Education Funding Council to develop and implement a competency certificate for students completing Initial Teacher Training through the medium of Welsh, with the aim of eventually awarding the certificate to all welsh medium trainee teachers. The Certificate was awarded to 270 Primary PGCE students and 343 Secondary PGCE students between 2015 and 2019. 

The scheme enabled students to develop their written and oral language skills in higher education and beyond, and to recognize the value of these skills educationally and also within a Welsh medium/bilingual work setting.

To earn the Certificate, students were practically assessed during their second school placement experience and they also sat a written examination. 

The Certificate was awarded at different levels to reflect students' attainment:
  • Final marc 70 and above
  • Final marc between 60 and 69
  • Final marc between 50 a 59
  • Final marc lower than 50

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