Language Skills Certificate

What is the Language Skills Certificate?

The Certificate has been developed to enable university students studying in Wales to gain a WJEC accredited qualification that serves as evidence of their language skills and their ability to work through the medium of Welsh. Many employers have stated their support for the Certificate.

To gain the Certificate, applicants are required to deliver an oral presentation and sit a written test which includes three tasks.

The Certificate is open to any student studying at a university in Wales. Language Skills Tutors at each university offer support, focussing on the requirements of the oral and written tasks.

Online resources are also available here

The Certificate was first awarded in 2013, and to date has been successfully completed by over 800 students. In 2021, 495 applicants were awarded the Certificate.

The Certificate is awarded on three levels:

  • Pass
  • Merit
  • Distinction

To register for the Certificate and to access all relevant information and resources, please visit the Welsh pages