The Written Test

The Written Test

The written test will be held on a computer on the 4th of May 2022. Your tutor will confirm the exact time of the exam after the registration closes in November. The date of the written test cannot be changed.

The test will be held at the same time across universities in Wales. The test will include three tasks. The test will last for an hour and a half. The written element will be worth 50% of your final mark. The written test will be assessed by external assessors appointed by the WJEC.

Task 1: Correcting a Document
Correcting a written text that includes a specific number of errors. The text will include spelling errors, mutation errors, inflection errors, typing errors, structural errors, punctuation errors or other grammatical errors. Amongst the errors, there will be four that you can recognise by using computer correction tools. You will need to check the text on the screen and highlight the words or sayings that have been corrected by using bold print. You will not have to change the tone or style of the piece. You will have the right to use Cysill and Word’s spell-check facility, although these computer tools will not recognise every error. You will not have to explain why you have made the corrections.

Task 2: Translanguaging
You will be expected to read the English written text and adapt it into Welsh for a specific purpose, e.g. writing a summary of English text for a specific audience. You will be assessed on your ability to write correctly, by using a range of syntax and vocabulary, and to draft a final text that is fit for purpose as described in the task. Furthermore, the original text will include several key points, and your ability to include the appropriate points in your adaptation will be assessed.

Task 3:
You will be asked to write a document on the computer in response to a specific trigger. The trigger will include specific requirements, e.g. the nature of the audience, points to include, the layout of the final document. You will be assessed on your ability to write correctly, by using a range of syntax and vocabulary, as well as the content and layout of the final text. You will also be assessed according to your ability to fulfil the specific requirements of the task.