University Credits

What exactly is a credit?

Many references are made to degree courses where students can study 40 or 80 credits every year through the medium of Welsh.

Credits are the units that universities use to denote the substance of studied modules, based on the number of lectures and assessment requirements.

Each university course has credits, where 1 credit denotes 10 hours of work, including lectures, seminars, tutorials as well as assessment preparation or preparation for examinations. So, for example, students are expected to spend 200 hours studying to complete a 20 credit module.

Over a typical full-time undergraduate year, students are expected to complete 120 credits, which are divided into various modules (depending on the degree course). For example, where modules are 20 credits each, students would be expected to complete 6 modules during the year. Similarly, if modules were 10 credits each, 12 would need to be completed.

This means that 40 credits correspond to around 33% of the year’s studies, and 80 credits correspond to 66%.

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