Art and Design

Art and Design

Art and Design enables students to develop a wide range of artistic skills. You’ll have the opportunity to develop practical skills in 2D and 3D work, digital processes, still and moving images, design and planning, as well as creating work in fine art, craft and design. Alongside skills in art, you’ll develop skills that you can apply to the workplace, e.g. ability in decision-making, communication, innovation and enterprise.
The subject underlines the importance of combining practical and creative skills. It is based on theoretical ideas that will enable you to reach your creative potential.
Across all Visual Arts subjects, you'll also have the opportunity to look at Wales’s creative visual cultures within an international context. As a basis for the practical creative process, you will develop historical and theoretical knowledge, international ideas, an understanding of contemporary art and design, as well as an appreciation of the importance of visual culture.
By following a degree course in Art and Design, there are several career paths open to you, working as one of the following:

  • professional artist
  • community artist
  • artistic manufacturer
  • designer
  • creative practitioner
  • freelancer
  • curator
  • art and design administrator
  • primary or secondary teacher, subject to gaining a PGCE.

Or if you wish to continue with your studies, you could follow an MA programme.

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