Education and Early Childhood Studies

Education and Early Childhood Studies

Would you like to work with young children and their families? Maybe you already work in a school or a nursery, and want to expand your qualifications?
Because of the need to give young people the best possible opportunities, there is a great demand for skilled and confident workers in this area. By studying the subject through the medium of Welsh, you’ll be a great asset for any prospective employer as a result of your ability to offer a Welsh language service to children and families, at a time when there is a clear and growing demand for it.
During the course, you’ll look at early childhood in the context of child development in Wales and across the world, both theoretically and historically, and in current practice. You’ll also have the opportunity to study cultural concepts of childhood, early literacy, outdoor learning, as well as gender. You will also visit a number of locations with links to the field in Wales and beyond.
A degree in Education and Early Childhood Studies will prepare you for the world of work, as you will develop a thorough knowledge of a number of key areas, including sustainability, justice, social inclusion and leadership.
Graduates work in various areas, including:

  • the specialist voluntary sector (e.g. Mudiad Meithrin, Kids’ Clubs, Women’s Aid)
  • teaching
  • working with the community and families (Flying Start, family centres)
  • social work
  • working in a specialised library (e.g. a toy library)
  • senior management in educational research or daycare provision.

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Studying an Education degree through the medium of Welsh will benefit me because it will provide opportunities and open many doors to the world of work. It also gives me a strong foundation to be able to encourage children to understand the importance of the language to their heritage, and to encourage them to use the language in everyday life.

Hannah Wilson, Education