History and Welsh History

History and Welsh History

A number of historical areas can be studied through the medium of Welsh, from Welsh History to British, European and North American History. In addition, there will be opportunities to study Historiography, which is the study of how History is studied and used.

Studying History can be a method of fostering analysis, summarising and writing skills – it is a subject very popular among employers. The subject is held in high regard by employers in posts within journalism, the media, research, political lobbying, tourism, teaching and museums. History appeals to employers not only because of the skills you will gain but also the fact that studying the subject will expand your horizons. 

In studying History, you will develop the ability to weigh up facts and to develop independent opinions, together with developing an appreciation of the importance and significance of various historical sources. Your ability to deal with topics objectively and in a balanced manner will be valuable in any career, and will be an advantage for you when coping with everyday challenges in the workplace.

The Coleg Cymraeg offers a number of progressive means of enriching the learning experiences of students of History. In addition, several collaborative modules are offered which give students the opportunity to study part of their course under the guidance of other experts from many universities in Wales. 

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“I enjoy studying the History course as it provides an opportunity to study a number of different historical subjects. By offering different options, it gives students the opportunity to choose the areas that interest them, which makes the study process so much better. I believe studying part of my course through the medium of Welsh will benefit me as it will make me stand out when applying for jobs after graduating.”

Emyr Davies, History