“The competition to start working in journalism is fierce; most training placements go to people with higher education qualifications”


Do you have what it takes to be a journalist? Are you interested in the who, the where, the why and the how? Do you want to know where every good journalist gets their stories, and learn how to write them?

By studying a degree in Journalism, you'll learn the answers to these questions. Firstly you’ll learn what a news story is, before going on to develop the ability to analyse and interpret it. You’ll be given the opportunity to consider the effects of social media on mass media, and to consider the future of the journalism industry.

Journalism is a modern and exciting subject. By learning a wealth of practical skills, you'll be guided towards a distinguished career, and there is clear demand from employers for students who have the ability to work as a journalist in Welsh and English with confidence and skill. Your degree can also lead you to a number of other career paths, e.g. marketing, online social media management, broadcasting, writing for magazines, as well as working in public relations.

You can study Journalism through the medium of Welsh at the following universities:

Cardiff University

Bangor University 

Further information about a career in journalism can be found here.

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