Modern Languages

Modern Languages

“Nearly two thirds of Modern Language graduates are in work within six months of graduating”

According to a study by the British Council, Spanish, French and German are among the five most important languages for the UK’s future.

Why study Modern Languages at university?

“It shows you are an open-minded individual, that you are inquisitive and able to communicate.”

Studying languages offers many career opportunities and opportunities to study, in Wales and internationally. If you want to learn more about the world and develop an expertise in a specific language, a degree in Modern Languages is ideal for you. Bilingualism – if not trilingualism – is common throughout Europe, and many students who are already bilingual love to study an additional language.

Languages are the key to the new, multilingual world in which we live. Be part of it!

Why study in Welsh?

By studying the subject through the medium of Welsh, you’ll be able to study a modern language through the language that comes naturally to you. You'll gain a deep understanding of the modern language by focusing on linguistic elements alongside a range of exciting modules about literature, society, politics and the economy of countries around the world.

Many graduates go on to look for work abroad, but a number of graduates also take advantage of the opportunities that exist in Wales, pursuing careers in the following areas:

  • technology
  • public sector (e.g. the European Commission, British Council)
  • media
  • event management
  • tourism
  • retail
  • manufacturing
  • law
  • translation
  • interpretation
  • education (secondary school teacher/further/higher education, teacher of English as a foreign language in schools)
  • retail purchasing
  • accounting
  • marketing and market research.

“The Welsh language is useful very often when testing new linguistic elements, and more so than English; it can help me especially when trying to guess the meaning of French and Spanish words.”

Read about the Modern Languages degrees that universities offer through the medium of Welsh:

Swansea University
Aberystwyth University (some Welsh medium modules in 2014/2015)
Bangor University
Cardiff University (some Welsh medium modules in 2014/2015)

You will also find information on all the courses on our course finder. The finder will show what courses are eligible for the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol’s scholarships.

Remember: Modern Languages is one of the subject areas eligible for Incentive Scholarships.


Check out Botwm y Byd, an exciting project that provides Welsh medium learning resources in New Media, Modern Languages and Politics. This is a great way to find the texts you’ll study when you study a degree in Modern Languages.
CILT Cymru’s website includes a great deal opf information about the benefits of studying languages. Click the link below to learn about the career paths followed by Modern Languages graduates:

The ‘Studying Languages’ website is very useful as you consider and prepare for studying languages at university

Unique opportunities

In recent years, a number of students studying a proportion of their Modern Languages degree through the medium of Welsh have benefitted from attending a residential course with students and lecturers from other universities across Wales. This is a unique opportunity to share experiences and to get to know other people who also enjoy learning about the languages and cultures of foreign countries. As well as lectures on specific topics and sessions on career opportunities, the course is an opportunity to socialise and to compete in the Grammarolympics!

Read about the 2012 course here

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