Public Relations

Public Relations

“Most public relations officers are graduates” (Source:

Every organisation, regardless of its size and role, depends on its reputation in order to ensure its continuing success. Public Relations is a specialised field that aims to understand the objectives of specific organisations – and to provide them with support – through strategic use of various communication methods. Experts in public relations strive to maintain goodwill and understanding between an organisation and its audiences, including current customers and potential customers, employees and managers, investors, the media, government and suppliers. From preparing press releases to protecting the brand effectively, support can be secured for the organisation in question as well as recognition for its work.

In studying for a degree in Public Relations, you will have a challenging and exciting educational experience. The BA Media and Public Relations course at Swansea University is vocational in nature, preparing students for careers in communication; a rapidly expanding industry in Wales.

By combining theory and practical activities, the course will give you the opportunity to master the skills of strategic communication, such as press management, brand management, advertising, corporate communications, digital communications and events management. The course explains how organisations and individuals communicate, taking into account the various factions with whom they communicate, and the methods used. You will also focus on the strategies and tactics used in public relations, including the importance of market research techniques, advertising, marketing, as well as online and digital communications. Particular emphasis is placed on press management, along with the role played by public relations in influencing the news agenda and public opinion.

As a result of the Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011, along with the growth in the powers devolved to the Welsh Government, there is growing demand for skilled Welsh medium strategic communicators.

By forging a close relationship with various communication practitioners – within the public sector, communications and advertising agencies, private companies and the third sector – you’ll have the opportunity to gain direct experience of the industry in an informal way, as well as the opportunity to spend time undertaking work experience in an exciting location.

After graduating, you could pursue a career as a corporate and professional communicator in various sectors in Wales and beyond.

Further information on the BA Media and Public Relations at Swansea University can be found here.

The Careers Wales website also has useful information about Public Relations.

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