Religious Studies

Religious Studies

Understanding the world’s religions is an integral part of understanding our culture and wider society.
In studying for a BA in Religious Studies, you will come to understand religions such as Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism and Buddhism, in their cultural, social and historical contexts.
Throughout the course, you will gain an understanding of the dynamic relationship between religion, society and culture, by examining religion’s role in the most important questions of our time. Religious commitment, history and identity will be examined in detail, in the context of contemporary events of global importance.

The practices and beliefs of the world’s major religions can be studied, as well as other traditions such as native religions and new religious movements. Different approaches to the study of religion will be introduced, with particular attention to the place of religion in the modern world. There will be an opportunity to visit local and national places of worship, to go on overseas trips to centres of religious significance, and to foster a practical knowledge and a personal understanding of the world’s cultures and religions.

A degree in religious studies can lead to a career in several areas, including:

  • social services
  • education
  • international charitable and support organisations
  • tourism
  • media
  • politics
  • civil service
  • publishing
  • journalism

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“I enjoy the course very much since it gives me the opportunity to learn a great deal about the world's religions and contemporary issues relating to religion. The course is a very good foundation for me to go on to train to be an RE teacher.”

Angharad Owen, BA Religious Studies