A wide range of exciting opportunities is awaiting you if you choose to study Welsh at university…

“What’s the point of studying a degree in Welsh if you don’t want to be a teacher – there are no other careers available for you”

A degree in Welsh can of course open up this career for you, and there is great demand for talented, energetic and enthusiastic teachers in our schools, but a degree in Welsh can open many other doors for you too.

Why study Welsh at university?

  • It’s a diverse, vibrant and dynamic subject – dolen i dudalen (1) ‘Tri pheth doeddet ti (efallai) ddim yn gwybod am astudio’r Gymraeg’
  • You can choose from a range of degree courses in a number of universities, for first and second language students – dolen i dudalen (2) ‘Beth yn union mae gradd yn y Gymraeg yn ei gynnig?’
  • You’ll have the opportunity to develop unique skills that will prepare you for the world of work – dolen i dudalen (3) ‘Y Gymraeg a’r byd gwaith’ 
  • You’ll have amazing experiences in terms of literature, culture, language and social life – dolen i dudalen (4) ‘Manteision astudio’r Gymraeg’



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