Cardiff University’s Welsh-medium provision at the School of Pharmacy ac Pharmaceutical Studies is working towards strengthening Welsh pharmaceutical services in Wales. Continuing to expand and develop this provision is not only essential in order to raise awareness among future pharmacists of the importance of the Welsh language in the field of health in Wales, but also in order to ensure that our services are in the vanguard as regards meeting the care needs of Welsh speakers and their families or carers.

“The purpose of health and social care services is to care for people as individuals … People’s cultural identity and their linguistic needs must be core to this because it is an essential element of good quality care and high professional standards.”

More than Words – A Strategic Framework for Welsh Language Services in Health, Social Services and Social Care.

The chief focus of Pharmacy is patients’ needs, and the degree is formulated to reflect this. The curriculum includes core scientific and therapeutic subjects aligned with clinical practice. We use a range of teaching methods including lectures, tutorials and practical sessions.

During the course, what you learn will be put to practical use on placement; in the community, in hospital and in a number of other locations. This opportunity to communicate and interact with patients and different professions is an essential part of learning, and reflects the profession and what is required of it. You will have an opportunity to complete placement periods through the medium of Welsh when this is possible. 

As a prospective pharmacist, the opportunity to study elements of the course through the medium of Welsh will be most advantageous. The ability to operate professionally thoroughly bilingually not only improves your career prospects, but also answers the requirements of the health service by ensuring that patients receive the very best treatment.

At Cardiff University, a four-year MPharm degree is offered. The degree is accredited by the Pharmaceutical Council as a valid route into the profession. The School of Pharmacy is undoubtedly one of the best in the UK and is regularly heads national league tables. Thus, a good academic degree and the school’s reputation ensure that our students are very popular with employers.

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