Social Work

Social Work

Being a social worker demands wide-ranging knowledge and particular skills for working with some of society’s most vulnerable individuals. Consequently those who want to work in this area require professional training.

During the Social Work degree programmes, academic and professional elements are drawn together in order to prepare students for jobs within the social care workforce. In addition to gaining a recognised educational qualification you will also gain the registration required to work professionally.

In social care, it is vital that any vulnerable individual has the opportunity to express their most personal feelings and experiences in their first language. It is only through ensuring that every opportunity is given to the individual to express themselves – and be understood in their language of choice – that the appropriate care, support and service can be arranged for them.

A number of social work programmes offer training through undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Some offer certain elements of study through the medium of Welsh and you can study the complete postgraduate Social Work programme through the medium of Welsh at Bangor University.

You will have an opportunity to study a variety of modules, including values and ethics, social work law, working with children and families and working with adults with different needs. A significant proportion of the programmes offer opportunities for students to experience the practical side of social work in different settings such as social services departments, third sector organisations and the private sector.


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