Biosciences offer a unique opportunity to understand how the world around us works. What effect will climate change have on our environment? How much of our genetic make-up is similar to that of a monkey or a banana?

Biosciences is based on research and experiments in a laboratory and in the field. Together with expanding your scientific knowledge and understanding of standard scientific techniques, you will also have an opportunity to develop transferable skills in statistics, communication and presentation methods together with organisational skills (as an individual and as part of a group).

In addition to traditional lectures, you will also learn about biosciences through participation in tutorials and seminars, together with developing the ability to work independently through a research project. In some universities you will have an opportunity to undertake work experience as well as go on field trips to sites around the world.

In studying Biosciences through the medium of Welsh you will be able to benefit from developing an invaluable skillset for whatever career you choose. In Wales, employers linked to Biosciences acknowledge the importance of effective communication in Welsh and English. This is particularly true in jobs where communicating with the public is an essential part of the work; in the environment (with landowners, farmers and horticulturalists) and hospitals (with patients, adults and children).

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