Not every Chemist wears a white coat! A degree in Chemistry can lead to a distinguished career in many fields.

Studying Chemistry through the medium of Welsh offers many advantages. It eases the jump between A Level and university education since discussing a subject through a first language rather than a second is much easier. By studying part of the course through the medium of Welsh, you will have the ability to discuss and write in both languages.

In addition to studying Core Chemistry from practical and theoretical points of view, there is an emphasis on transferable skills, such as communication, dealing with numbers, analysis, handling data, observation, team working and thinking logically. These will be beneficial, whatever career you pursue after graduating. Chemistry graduates work in a number of different areas and locations, including:

  • industry
  • research
  • computing
  • marketing
  • accounting
  • journalism
  • pharmaceutical companies
  • commercial analysis laboratories
  • forensic science
  • archaeology
  • food technology
  • biotechnology
  • metallurgy companies.

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“It’s important that students have the option of studying the subject through their mother tongue. A degree in Chemistry will be of great benefit to me when applying for a job after leaving university, and I would like to work in education. The course is great and I look forward to continuing to study the course in the second and third years.”

Ruth Jemima Bethany Jones, Chemistry