Environmental Science and Ocean Sciences

Environmental Science and Ocean Sciences

Interested in the environment? Keen to learn more about natural processes and the relationship between them? Want to see Welsh businesses’ environmental performance improve? If so, a degree in Environmental Science is ideal for you.

Environmental Science is a wide-ranging discipline and you will be studying modern day threats to the world and its people such as climate change, pollution, conservation and food safety. In studying the subject you will have a strong foundation in Biology, Chemistry, Geology and Marine Sciences together with a strong awareness of the relationship between these elements and their effect on mankind.

During the course you will have a number of opportunities to meet with members of the environmental sector workforce, as well as the opportunity to undertake work experience. Working within the sector you will work with the environmental industries (e.g. agriculture, water, tourism), where statutory bodies expect staff to be able to use both Welsh and English equally. By studying part of your course through the medium of Welsh, you will gain the confidence to present environmental issues in both languages that will be advantageous to you as you pursue your career.

Graduates in this field can be found working in a number of different disciplines such as conservation and protection of habitats, environmental consultation, developing and implementing policy, water quality monitoring together with waste management.


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