Geography is a wide subject area. It is no surprise therefore that it attracts individuals equally as far-reaching with a breadth of vision. Where else would you get the opportunity to use the most innovative technology in order to learn about the earth’s primitive structure processes, such as the evolution of land-forms and natural disasters? Where else would you also have the opportunity to learn about human relationships and activities which are at the heart of our understanding of the world around us?

You will have the opportunity, while studying the subject, to learn about current issues from around the world under the guidance of experts in their fields. You will follow modules that deal with current issues such as globalisation and current social relations, sustainability, world processes and human responses to natural risks.

In addition to traditional lectures, you will take part in detailed discussions in small groups (tutorials and seminars), develop the ability to work as part of a team Geography by undertaking group work and presentations, as well as develop skills to work independently by planning a research project. You will also be given the opportunity to practice your skills directly by going on work experience, and attending field trips to interesting places such as the Gower Peninsula, and even New York or Vancouver.

While taking advantage of all these opportunities, and doing so through the medium of Welsh, you will develop an infrastructure of skills that will be invaluable in whatever career you choose in the future. The ability to deal with the subject through the medium of Welsh as well as English will be an additional feather in your cap, and an attractive skill to any prospective employer. A degree in Geography is an excellent starting point for a range of careers, whether in the public sector, the private sector or various other fields. Many graduates go on to work as road and traffic system planners, Government statisticians, geological surveyors for oil and gas companies, fashion buyers, explorers, film and documentary producers, journalists, charity workers in foreign countries, as well as academic researchers (who work on some of the most interesting and influential matters of our time.

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