Physics is an exciting subject that offers students a host of experiences by combining the theoretical and the practical. Physics degree courses provide a strong foundation to understand and explain the world around us; Physics laws are the foundation of modern technology, and are used to describe systems, from small subatomic particles to massive galaxies.

Physics is a STEM subject (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, which are recognised as central to Wales’s economic prosperity). Physics is highly valued in a variety of fields, such as meteorology, medicine, engineering and renewable energy.

There are many opportunities for Physics graduates. Even if you choose to leave the field after graduating, the skills that you will develop during the course – computer skills, analytical and communication skills, and the ability to think critically and solve problems – will be invaluable, whatever path you take. It goes without saying therefore: a Physics degree will open many doors.

A variety of Physics degree schemes are offered. There are three year BSc degree schemes, and four year MPhys degree schemes (which includes more challenging material). There is also a four year BSc Physics degree scheme with a foundation year, for those who have no background of studying Physics at A Level in school.

Elements of Physics degree courses are taught through the medium of Welsh. These bilingual degree schemes will give you the opportunity to use both languages to deal with physics, which will prepare you for the professional landscape in Wales and the international arena. If you are interested in working abroad, you will also have opportunities to do so as part of the degree course.


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“I decided to study elements of the course through the medium of Welsh because the groups are smaller and the atmosphere is friendlier. I feel more confident asking the lecturer questions, and I feel we get more attention somehow. A residential course was organised for students from different universities in Wales studying Mathematics and Physics in Welsh; that was a great opportunity to develop a vibrant community in the field and to polish skills that will be valuable in the world of work.”

Alun Bullock, Physics with Planetary Space Physics.