Business Studies

Business Studies

Are you interested in business? Do you want to set up your own business? Or do you want a career working for companies in a wide variety areas, from marketing and selling to human resources and financial firms?

Studying Business through the medium of Welsh offers all kinds of benefits. In the private and public sectors in Wales, the need for Welsh language skills is increasing, especially in marketing, human resources and management where there is more and more demand for businesses to provide services through the medium of Welsh. By studying part of your course in Welsh, you will learn how to handle the subject in both languages, which will be a great asset to you when applying for jobs. You will also be prepared for the world of work by learning a number of other skills too, e.g. the ability to communicate, to work in a team, as well as problem-solving skills. You will also have the opportunity to meet a number of businesspeople and to undertake work experience.

There are many careers open to Business graduates, including marketing; events management; human resource management; tourism management; management of hotels and shops; the civil service; local government; accounting, or even setting up a business.

Business and Management courses can be studied through the medium of Welsh at several universities in Wales. Bangor, South Wales, Trinity Saint David and Cardiff Metropolitan universities all offer at least 40 credits in Welsh in each university year, while some provision is also available at other universities.

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“I enjoy studying part of my BA Business Management course through the medium of Welsh. The lecturers are experienced and enthusiastic, and I understand the modules better when they are taught in Welsh. I also work part-time for John Lewis, so combining theoretical study with experience of real business is invaluable.”

Megan Meredith-Spurr, Business Management