Criminology and Policing Studies

Criminology and Policing Studies

Studying Criminology opens the door to diverse career options. It will encourage you to think critically and independently and will give you the opportunity to develop skills in order to analyse and understand our varied society. Criminology combines intellectual and practical elements.

Studying Welsh medium Criminology modules will ensure that you not only get to grips with the complexities of society in Wales but will also be able to provide services to future employers in both languages. During the course you will gain practical experience, and as the probation service in Wales becomes more distinctively Welsh (with increasing differences between it and the probation service in England) there will be a demand for students who recognise the needs of society in Wales. You will also combine your studies on the Welsh context with international criminology; you will have an opportunity to look at situations abroad that will prepare you for work outside the UK if you so wish.

Criminology includes elements from other disciplines such as Law, Social Sciences and Police Science, and similarly it is possible to study Criminology modules within these subjects.

In studying Welsh medium modules in a degree course or a joint degree in Criminology, you will be qualified to apply for jobs in a variety of areas:

  • The probation service and the police
  • Prisons and the Crown Prosecution Service
  • Work with young people and people on probation
  • Working in Government policy or local government
  • Further studies in Law.

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“I chose to study part of the Police and Crime Science course through the medium of Welsh as I know that the language will open a number of doors in policing. I enjoy the course as the lecturers are good and provide all the support that I need. As I want to join a police force in Wales, it’s important that I can communicate well bilingually. I’ve already witnessed the benefits of being able to communicate in both languages after I joined the part-time Police in Dyfed Powys.”

Aled Davies, Police and Crime Science