Do you like to analyse things and ask questions? Do you enjoy trying to make sense of different elements, e.g. religion, society and human nature? If you want to tackle difficult issues and learn how to understand, interpret and develop all sorts of arguments, Philosophy is the subject for you.

The main essence of Philosophy is getting to grips with understanding and critically evaluating the reasons and assumptions that underpin our daily ideas. In developing this skill, you will also learn how to deal with arguments and communicate them articulately and clearly, which will be of great benefit to you in the world of work. In an increasingly competitive professional world, the ability to reason, analyse and think astutely will put you one step ahead of the competition for any job. In addition, the ability to discuss and work through the medium of Welsh will be another string to your bow.

Studying Philosophy can prepare you for a number of career paths, be it journalism; the media; film and television; the civil service; law; advertising; marketing; management; teaching and further research, or even a career in industry.

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“I would recommend studying philosophy to any student. It is a discipline that equips those who study it with reasoning skills to analyse the tasks at hand, and gives you an opportunity to develop negotiation skills in order to structure ideas and arguments with ease. Most importantly, it encourages modesty as well as a motivation to consider ideas that are outside the box, in order to understand problems and consider solutions.”

Meilyr Ceredig, Managing Director of FBA, degree in Philosophy.