Do you want to be a politician, or do you want to present the counter-argument? Are you keen to learn more about the political landscape in Wales and the rest of the world? If so, politics is the perfect degree for you: it will allow you to build a broad understanding of global power.

As power moves from Westminster to the Assembly, there is demand for people who understand Wales to work in companies, organisations, charities and the media. A degree in Politics shows employers that you can analyse, understand and see many sides to an argument. You’ll be introduced to a wide range of ideas and new political concepts that will broaden your horizons. By studying Welsh medium modules on Wales and the world, you’ll be trained to think and write in Welsh in a purposeful and incisive way. You’ll graduate with the ability to handle political issues in both Welsh and English, which will be invaluable when you apply for jobs.

During the course, you’ll have the opportunity to undertake work experience; that could include a period with a politician, a campaigning organisation, or even the Government in Cardiff, London or Brussels. That will allow you to experience the daily excitement of politics in Wales and beyond.

Politics graduates work in many different fields, e.g. political party research, lobbying for companies or organisations, policy development for campaigning organisations or charities, journalism, the civil service and education.




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