Social Science and Social Policy

Social Science and Social Policy

If you’re interested in the problems and challenges of society (whether this is dealing with offenders, developing health policy, childcare, housing policy or language schemes), Social Science and Social Policy is the course for you.

In Wales, there is a demand for people who can tackle the problems of society. Studying a Social Science degree or modules will open your eyes to the society we belong to and ways that we can further develop it. As part of the course, you will explore policy related to the welfare system, health promotion, housing as well as the justice system. You will also have valuable and challenging experiences in this area of work with employers such as the Government, Police and the voluntary sector.

The National Assembly for Wales delivers unique Health and Social Policy for Wales and there is an increasing emphasis on rights for Welsh speakers. This means that there is a demand for employees who understand Welsh society and can work bilingually.

Gaining a degree in Social Science and Social Policy will allow you to work in a variety of fields, including social care, local government, Welsh Government, the Police and the legal system, the health service and older people’s care, education and childcare, youth work as well as developments in terms of the Welsh language.

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“As part of the course I was able to observe a meeting of the youth offending team. Before attending, I thought that there was only one function to Police work, but this was an opportunity for me to see how much variety there is. It helped me in choosing the field of work I would like to pursue and I think it will be advantageous to me in applying for a job because I learnt some of the necessary core skills and an appreciation of the work that is required.”