Are you interested in a career in sport? Would you like to work towards promoting physical health in the community or teach and coach outdoor activities? Or maybe you aspire to work with Olympians in analysing technique and tactics? Without doubt, a Sports degree can offer you the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills and expertise that will prepare you for an exciting and busy career.

In studying part of your course through the medium of Welsh, you will develop the ability to deal with Sport in both languages, that will be very useful in applying for jobs in a very competitive market. With the increasing demand for Welsh language skills in both the public and private sector in Wales (especially in coaching, teaching, scientific support and promotion) your skills will be advantageous to employers in those areas.

A number of students graduating in Sport go on to careers not only as coaches or in health promotion and management, but also to other areas where the ability to use Welsh is invaluable, including physiology, science, psychology, education and journalism.

You will be able to study the following through the medium of Welsh:

  • Coaching
  • Teaching outdoor activities 
  • Teaching Physical Education
  • Sports management and development 
  • Sport Sciences
  • Ethics
  • Sport Psychology
  • Health and training.

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''Studying for a degree in Sport is ideal for those who enjoy training and different sports. The fact that I can study the subject through the medium of Welsh is very beneficial for me as I intend to stay in Wales to pursue a career as a PE teacher. I enjoy the subject, especially in the language that comes naturally to me.''

Llio Emyr, Sport Science