Carys Jones

University of South Wales: Human Resource Management

Carys Jones

University of South Wales: Human Resource Management

Originally from: Llandysul

School/College: Ysgol Dyffryn Teifi

University: University of South Wales

Year: 2

University course: Human Resource Management

Why choose to study the degree subject: I'm quite a chatty person and I love meeting and working with new people. This degree allows me to use both these things within the workplace. I'm also someone who likes to manage people and get the best out of them, so this was the course that suited me!

Why choose to study in Welsh: I chose to study the whole course through the medium of Welsh to ensure that I can apply the new skills I'm learning to everyday life situations in both English and Welsh.

What's the best thing about studying the course in Welsh: One huge advantage is the number of students in the seminars. There are fewer students in the Welsh language classes, which enables lecturers to give you more support with the assessments, which is an advantage compared with the other classes where it's difficult to build a good relationship with the lecturers. The Welsh language lecturers are also pretty good at making a cup of tea, haha!

Any advice for prospective students concerned about studying in Welsh: There's no need to worry at all! If you have the opportunity to study bilingually, it's a great experience. Don't worry about the standard of your Welsh, the lecturers translate the long words and simplify them for you to understand.

Would you encourage others to apply for a Coleg Cymraeg scholarship: Applying for a scholarship with the Coleg was one of the best things I did before starting university. It's a great help, especially when you need to buy things for the modules you're studying, and maybe a few treats every now and then.

Why apply to be an ambassador: The main reason I applied to be an Ambassador this year was the opportunity to share all the experiences I've had with the Coleg up to now, and to pass them on to prospective students – for example gaining a Language Skills Certificate. I'm looking forward to sharing the experiences and persuading prospective students to make the right choice and study through the medium of Welsh.

What do you enjoy most about being in university in Wales: The feeling of belonging is strong in this university, and no problem is too big or too small for the lecturers; they're always happy to help. Staying in Wales was important to me because I wanted to ensure that I used the Welsh language every day and could get to grips with the issues we deal with on the course in both languages.

Hobbies: Singing in choirs, watching local football matches back home, socialising with friends, travelling.

Likes: Mam's home cooking, shopping, spending money!, completing essays.

Dislikes: SPIDERS, getting up early for lectures!

Favourite Welsh language programme/film: The best programme in Welsh at the moment is Y Gwyll! It's amazing!