Haf Everiss

Bangor University: Criminology, Social Justice and Sociology

Haf Everiss

Bangor University: Criminology, Social Justice and Sociology

Originally from: Llangernyw

School/College: Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy

University: Bangor University

Year: 2

University course: Criminology, Criminal Justice and Sociology

Why choose to study the degree subject: I decided to study the degree subject since the subject interested me. Although I hadn't studied every aspect of the subject before, I wanted a new challenge. It's a very varied field, which is great because I'm still uncertain exactly what career I want to follow in future.

Why choose to study in Welsh? Since I come from a Welsh-speaking family, and received all my education in Welsh, I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to study my degree course through the medium of Welsh. Although it was impossible for me to study my whole degree course through the medium Welsh, I used the Coleg Cymraeg's course finder app and it became clear that I could study half my degree in Welsh. This could open several doors for me in future, since many companies look for Welsh speakers. I have also managed to gain the Coleg Cymraeg's Language Skills Certificate.

What's the best thing about studying the course in Welsh? The classes tend to be smaller, which means you have a better relationship with your fellow students and your lecturers.

Any advice for prospective students concerned about studying in Welsh? There's no need to worry at all, we're all in the same position. Make the most of freshers' week to enjoy yourself, relax and meet fellow students, it's a great opportunity to familiarise yourself with the University and get to know your lecturers.

Would you encourage others to apply for a Coleg Cymraeg scholarship? Yes I would. I was lucky enough to win an incentive scholarship of £1,500, it's a great opportunity to receive some funding during your time at University. It's such a simple process; all you need to do is join the Coleg Cymraeg, complete an application form and attach a personal statement (slightly shorter than your UCAS form statement).

Why apply to be an ambassador? In order to use my personal experiences to help sixth form pupils who are trying to make decisions about their higher education studies. I am just over a year into my degree, and I can already emphasise the importance and the great opportunities available by studying through the medium of Welsh.

What do you enjoy most about being in university in Wales? The chance to socialise in Welsh every day. Being a member of the Welsh-language students' union gives students from the three years a chance to socialise together, by taking part in a range of activities such as six nations rugby trips, joining the sports clubs and socialising at the Rhyng-gol. The Rhyng-gol are Welsh language events where all the universities come together, so it's a great opportunity to get to know other students who are studying at other universities in Wales.

Hobbies: Playing netball, shopping and watching drama.

Likes: Ice-cream, Topshop and comedy programmes/films.

Dislikes: Spiders, the dark and Disney films

Favourite Welsh language programme/film: Y Gwyll.

Any other interesting facts about you: I can't cook (I live on pasta and ready meals in uni) I refuse to go on public transport alone in case I get lost.