Kayleigh Jones

Swansea University: Welsh and Mathematics

Kayleigh Jones

Swansea University: Welsh and Mathematics

Originally from: Ystalyfera, Cwm Tawe

School/College: Gower College Swansea

University: Swansea

Year: 2

University course: BSc Mathematics and Welsh

Why choose to study the degree subject: I loved Mathematics and Welsh at school and college, and I couldn't choose between the two. So when I saw this course, it was an easy decision.

Why choose to study in Welsh: Having learned Welsh as a second language, I wanted to challenge myself, and ensure I used the language in different situations, outside the Welsh class. I was also aware of the fact that studying in Welsh opens more doors for you after University.

What's the best thing about studying the course in Welsh: I truly believe that studying part of my Mathematics course through the medium of Welsh has given me a better understanding of the subject and the language. Sometimes, I find it's easier to understand the subject in Welsh. I would also like to train as a teacher when I graduate; studying through the medium of Welsh means I could work bilingually, so I'll have more opportunities.

Any advice for prospective students concerned about studying in Welsh: There's no need to worry at all. I was worried that my Welsh wasn't good enough to study Maths in Welsh, and the fact I'd had all my education in English prior to university. But I learned the Welsh language terms and so on at the beginning of the first year, and got used to it quite quickly. I'm very glad I chose to study in Welsh.

Would you encourage others to apply for a Coleg Cymraeg scholarship: Without a doubt! You have nothing to lose. If you're successful, the funding will obviously help you, but the scholarship also gives you more opportunities, such as work placements etc.  

Why apply to be an ambassador: I applied to be an ambassador because I thought it would be an excellent experience. I would like to make people in school, college or university aware of the opportunities available to them, and encourage them to take advantage of those opportunities. I'm now looking forward to meeting different people and spreading the message about the work of the Coleg Cymraeg and the advantages of studying in Welsh.

What do you enjoy most about being in university in Wales: Obviously I enjoy my course. But I think the thing I enjoy most is the experience of being at university and meeting so many different people. I've met incredible people over the last year.

Hobbies: I enjoy playing the piano and the guitar, I enjoy baking and also enjoy arts and crafts.

Likes: I love chocolate.

Dislikes: Spiders!!

Favourite Welsh language programme/film: Hedd Wyn, of course… I think anyone who's studied A Level Welsh would agree! My favourite programme is 'Y Gwyll'.

Any other interesting facts about you: I'm scared of geese and swans, because when I was little, a herd ran after me and trapped me in a caravan!