Sara Stockwell

Bangor University: Chemistry

Sara Stockwell

Bangor University: Chemistry

Originally from: Y Felinheli, near Bangor

School: Ysgol Tryfan, Bangor

University: Bangor University

Course: Chemistry

Year: 2

Why choose to study the degree subject: I decided to study Chemistry as I'm very interested in this exciting subject. Constant discoveries in science make Chemistry a modern subject that will be important for the future. Chemistry is a challenging but very interesting subject. I chose Bangor University to study Chemistry because Bangor is the only University that offers Chemistry partly through the medium of Welsh, which was very important to me.

Why choose to study in Welsh: Having completed my GCSEs and A Levels in Welsh, studying through the medium of Welsh at university was a natural step to take. The Coleg Cymraeg's work means I can study part of my course in Welsh, which enables me to continue to study in my first language. This is really important for me as I intend to teach Chemistry in a Welsh-medium school after graduating.

What's the best thing about studying the course in Welsh: The best thing about studying my course partly through the medium of Welsh is being able to work bilingually. This prepares me for working life after I graduate, since many jobs in Wales expect you to be able to work bilingually. Studying the course partly through the medium of Welsh means I am used to using scientific terms in both Welsh and English. A great deal of support is available from the Welsh-speaking lecturers, and they know me better for this reason. Personally, I find studying in Welsh easier and I feel more comfortable speaking to lecturers about my work through the medium of Welsh.

Any advice for prospective students concerned about studying in Welsh: I would tell anyone who's concerned about studying through the medium of Welsh not to worry at all. Before I came to University I was concerned that I would find it difficult doing some modules in Welsh since all the lectures would be in English, but this hasn't been an issue at all. If I have any difficulty translating, the Welsh language lecturers are always happy to help, and the Coleg Cymraeg provides a lot of support as well.

Would you encourage others to apply for a Coleg Cymraeg scholarship: Yes I would definitely encourage others to apply for a Coleg Cymraeg scholarship. Studying through the medium of Welsh at University is a very valuable opportunity, and not everyone is as fortunate as we are in Wales being able to study a degree subject in our own language. The funding is great, but more importantly, the opportunity to study bilingually opens so many doors for the future and is a great thing to put on your CV. There's nothing to lose by applying and it doesn't take long.

Why apply to be an ambassador: I applied to be an ambassador since I believe that the work done by the Coleg Cymraeg in enabling people to study in Welsh is very important. I want to contribute to this important work, and encourage others to study in Welsh at University too. I'm looking forward to speaking with school pupils about the opportunities available to them, because some of them may not be aware that it's possible.

What do you enjoy most about being in university in Wales: I enjoy the social life the most. I live in Neuadd JMJ, which is the Halls of Residence for Welsh-speaking students, and it's a great experience. Living with Welsh speakers enables me to make new friends who are not on my course, and it also means I can speak Welsh every day with my friends. The social life in JMJ is amazing, because we're all a part of Undeb Myfyrwyr Cymraeg Bangor, the union for Welsh-speaking students. Everyone knows each other because we always go out together as a big group of Welsh-speaking students. I'm glad I went to Bangor University – it's close enough to home, but far enough to have a student life.

Hobbies: I enjoy baking a variety of foods in my spare time. I also enjoy walking in the outdoors.

Favourite Welsh language programme/film: I enjoy Y Gwyll.